6 Copywriting Statistics To Know in 2024

Copywriting Stats to Know in 2024

I have been working as a copywriter for over a decade. During that time, I have always tried to stay abreast with the ongoing trends, as this helps me make sure that my content remains engaging. Understanding the numbers behind successful copy also allows me to build trust with my clients, assuring them that my […]

4 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid to Write Killer Copy (And How to Fix Them)

Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

Lost sales. Confused audiences. Wasted marketing dollars. These are just a few consequences of bad copywriting. Other potential aftershocks of weak-sauce copy include reduced SEO ranking, decreased customer engagement, and damaged brand reputation. Want your copy’s fate to be different? Then you must avoid these common copywriting mistakes. Only then your copy would excite, engage, […]

5 Less Known Ways to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

How to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Are you a beginner copywriter struggling to impress potential clients with your work? Feel like your career has stalled while others around you are cruising ahead on a speed boat? Use these five underrated ways to improve your copy: 1. Get your copy critiqued by successful writers One of the best ways to hone your […]

What is the Work of Copywriters? What do Copywriters Do?

What is the Work of Copywriters

Copywriters are professionals whose job involves creating powerful, compelling content to market products, services, and ideas. Their primary goal is to influence the reader – their target audience – to undertake a specific action, whether it’s clicking on a link, purchasing a product or service, or signing up for a newsletter. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown […]

Will AI Replace Copywriters? The harsh truth

Will AI Replace Copywriters

Will AI replace copywriters? Ever since I started my freelance copywriting journey in 2011, this question has been put to me in one form or another. Most of the time, the person asking the question happens to be someone who is eager to start their journey as a copywriter but is apprehensive that AI will […]

7 Proven Copywriting Techniques to Generate Sales

7 Proven Copywriting Techniques to Generate Sales

Do you know how much time an average reader spends on a website? Less than a minute (54 seconds, to be precise). This means your copy better be scannable and good. Otherwise, you are not going to generate any sales for your clients. Here are some of the proven techniques to do just that: 1. […]

How to Build a Copywriting Portfolio with No Experience [5 Actionable Tips]

How to Build a Copywriting Portfolio with No Experience

Let me say this out loud for the doubters and the naysayers – you can build a kick-ass copywriting portfolio without experience. I did it back when I was starting my career as a writer, even though the number of people I had previously worked with was zero. Here’s how you can do the same: […]

Best Copywriting Niches for Beginners

Best Copywriting Niches for Beginners

The best copywriting niche for you is the one that aligns with your interests, expertise, and the area in which you intend to specialize. That means that there’s no single niche that is the best for every person who is about to kick start their career as a copywriter. However, there are some niches that […]

The Ultimate Guide to Email Copywriting (Updated Edition)

Email Copywriting Guide

In this guide, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to kickstart your career as an email copywriter. If you’re looking to: Then read this guide to the end. Let’s start. What is Email Copywriting? Email copywriting is the process of writing and sending targeted emails to a group of people with the goal […]

Direct Response Copywriting: The Ultimate Guide

Direct Response Copywriting

Have you ever come across a sales page that seemed as if it was directly written for you? That is direct response copywriting at play. If you want to create similarly compelling copy but are unsure where to start, this guide will help you out. Also Read: What Is Direct Response Copywriting? Direct response copywriting […]