Do you need help writing compelling copy?

The best copywriting courses on the internet could help.


All the educational materials recommended below were created by persons who have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products or services using the power of their words.

If you follow their instructions to the letter while adding that unique bit that only you possess, you’ll be able to craft messages that will resonate with your audience and compel them to take action.

Let’s go.

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1. The Complete Copywriting Course by Codestars

All of us start somewhere, and Codestars Complete Copywriting Course is the perfect starting point for newbie copywriters.

This paid copywriting course tells you why people buy things before teaching you how to use that knowledge to make your copywriting business more lucrative (both for yourself and your clients).

Instead of just teaching you how to sell, this course helps you understand how to be genuinely helpful to your target audience, which, as we know, more often than not leads to more sales because your readers trust you.

And the best thing about this course? It offers insider tips and tricks from successful copywriters – people who are already in the trenches and know how to persuade people with their writing.

2. The Freelance Copywriter Kickstarter Course, The Creative Copywriting Academy

When I was starting my copywriting journey, I had a desire to learn from people who were where I wanted to be.

Which is why I’m recommending this course to you – it’s prepared by expert copywriters who have worked with businesses as big as TikTok, Adidas, and Hyundai (to name a few).

This copywriting course is structured like a journey, taking you from foundational writing skills to advanced techniques and practical know-how, before concluding with lifetime access to a supportive community.

3. Copywriting 101 by Copyblogger

This ebook turned into a course is a collection of popular blog posts from the Copyblogger website.

You can get it for free after creating a profile on the website, which basically means giving away your email address.

The book isn’t extensive by any stretch of the imagination (it’s only under 90 pages), but I found the information it includes practical and effective.

Another thing I like about the ebook is that the posts are skimmable – you won’t have to read thousands of words to get actionable content.

4. Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy that Sells in 2023

Here’s another copywriting course that will open the door for you to peak (and step) into the world of persuasive writing.

In the first section, you’ll understand what copywriting is, while the next two sessions will help you understand the tricks copywriters use to market their products/services and the formulas they use to drive sales.

Sections four and five will focus on the specific elements of writing copy, teaching you strategies for hitting the right tone and messaging and creating captivating headlines that grab the reader’s attention.

In the final section, you’ll get the chance to dive into specific projects, like landing pages, social media posts, B2B content, press releases, and more.

5. AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Seven-Figure Copywriting

Not everyone reading this blog would have been on this planet when AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Seven-Figure Copywriting was first launched.

Which is actually a great thing because it tells you how effective the techniques in this course must have been for it to remain popular more than two decades after it was first introduced.

Besides longevity, another reason why you should trust this course to kickstart your copywriting career is that it’s developed by experts at AWAI – an award-winning copywriting training program agency.

Need one more reason to convince yourself to buy this course? It comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

6. SEO Copywriting Course

This SEO Copywriting Certification training is like taking the first step to becoming a pro in the SEO copywriting field.

One of the things I like the most about this course is that there’s no fluff, just practical stuff for busy folks who want to go at their own pace.

Another cool thing about this course is that it’s not just about writing – you’ll also know how to review your client’s content, make it awesome, and even suggest long-term content strategies.

And the best thing about this course? Upon completing it, you’ll get a badge and certificate to show off your new skills to the world.

7. The Creative Copywriter Academy

If you have enough time on your hands and are willing to invest it in a single copywriting course (one that covers everything from the basics to the nuances of this field), consider opting for this course by CCA.

Besides teaching you killer copywriting skills, it will also show you the ropes of winning clients. So that you can keep writing those words that will keep the incoming flowing, both for you and your clients.

Another sweet part about this course – if you ace it, you might even snag paid writing gigs from the network of experts offering it. No more stumbling like I did back in the day; you get a shortcut to success.

Oh, and it’s currently being offered at a recession discount (even though your government and mine refuse to believe that we’re in one).

8. The Blackford Centre Copywriting Course

The Blackcord Center copywriting course isn’t aimed at beginners – it’s just for pros who want to take their persuasive writing skills to the next level.

Another thing that sets this course apart from me is that it offers super-technical stuff in the form of easy-to-digest nuggets. You don’t have to be from a technical background to understand all the stuff that is in it.

What is more, unlike many courses being offered in the same price bracket, this one doesn’t restrict itself to teaching you about direct response copy. You also get to learn about ads, online content, and winning clients.

9. Copyhackers by Joanna Wiebe

Three elements of this copywriting course set it apart from the many others that we have recommended thus far.

The first is that it is taught by Joanna Wiebe, one of the most recognizable names in the world of copywriting who has been opening the door to this industry for others (like myself) for decades.

Thanks to her efforts, the course’s contents are not only actionable but also regularly updated. Going through the course, you won’t feel there is stuff in it that went out of fashion years (or even months) earlier.

The third thing that sets this course apart is that it’s very intensive, so much so that you may have to spend months trying to absorb all the tips, tricks, and strategies included therein.

10. The Secrets Of Copywriting: How to Make Money with Copy and Marketing

If the prices of some of the above courses make you think that learning copywriting is only for the deep-pocketed, check out this free YouTube course from Alex Myatt.

Although it’s not as detailed as paid courses, you’d still be able to get a grasp on the basic concepts of copywriting, as well as learn strategies on how to make money through your persuasive writing skills.

Finally, while some people may object that it lacks the structure of a detailed course, I like to think that’s how Alex wanted it to be.

That is because traditional courses want you to go from point A to point B, meaning you cannot skip any step even if you want to. This course, however, is structured in a way that lets you pick and choose stuff you want to learn.