Everyone knows that the first step to a rewarding copywriting career is landing an internship at a reputable firm.

However, not many are aware of what it takes to land the position. Which is precisely what we’ll go through in this article.

Read on to learn how to get a copywriting internship even if you have no prior experience, a scanty portfolio, and zero references.

Step # 1: Create a Compelling Portfolio

Although it’s hard to create a compelling copywriting portfolio with zero prior experience, you can definitely do it with the right approach.

Start by identifying the area of copywriting (aka the niche) you’re most passionate about. This involves picking from the various types of copywriting, including social media copywriting, email marketing, and many more.

Next, you’ll need to create speculative projects to showcase your skills. To do this, choose any brand or business you’re interested in, and create sample copy for them. This could include social media posts or website copy.

However, before coming up with the first draft, research the brand you’re targeting. Understand their target audience, the voice they use to communicate with their audience, and the products or services they offer.

Afterward, once you have created your speculative project, present it to peers or mentors for feedback. Based on their response, update and iterate your copy. This is one of the best ways to refine your craft.

Step # 2: Establish an online presence

While there are innumerable ways to establish an online presence, my favorites include building a following on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why is that so? Start with LinkedIn, which offers an excellent platform to connect with professionals in the copywriting industry.

On top of that, LinkedIn allows you to create an eye-catching bio that communicates your career goals and passion for this field. This allows you to tell potential clients how much you are passionate about the field.

Next comes X (formerly Twitter), which gives you every opportunity that LinkedIn throws your way as well as the opportunity to get paid.

That is right. If you’ve subscribed to X Premium and have a large number of people who regularly interact with your Tweets, your monthly payout could be in the range of thousands of dollars.

This means that not only does X give you the platform to showcase your expertise and network with fellow professionals. But it also offers an exciting avenue for getting paid. Talk about killing multiple birds with one Tweet!

Step # 3: Apply for internships

When applying for internships, it’s essential to cast the net as wide as possible, especially if you want to maximize your chances of success.

Begin your search by exploring the traditional job boards, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor, as well as the hundreds of niche boards focused on marketing, advertising, or creative industries.

Also, check out your network, including your connections on LinkedIn or Twitter. It can give you an advantage over other copywriters who only rely on traditional ways to find internships.

That is because you aren’t just relying on the strength of your portfolio to convince the potential employer that you deserve the job. In addition, you’re using personal recommendations to strengthen your application.

Step # 4: Research potential employers

Given the fact that you have made it this far, there’s an excellent chance that you have received that magical interview call.

However, to land that internship, it’s crucial to research the firm you’re applying to. This will boost your chances of getting hired and will highlight your commitment should you make it to the interview stage.

Here’s an excellent primer on what you should do:

Step # 5: Follow up after Interview

If weeks have passed since the interview and you are yet to hear from the potential employer, consider sending a polite follow-up email.

The email should be sent to the hiring manager or recruiter and should clearly inquire about the status of your application.

Make sure to keep the follow-up professional and to the point. Avoid using language that make you come across as impatient or overly persistent, as this will send a wrong message about the type of person you’re.


You’d have to be patient and persistent when searching for internships, especially if you have no prior copywriting experience. Only then you’d be able to bag that role that could kickstart an amazing and rewarding journey.

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